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What’s the Best Naruto Game? – Top 13 Naruto Games

Best Naruto Games


What is Naruto? What is the best Naruto game on PC? Any animeshnik will immediately tell you that this is one of the most popular franchises in the world made in the style of Japanese animation.

What is included in it? Manga, which consists of a great many volumes (if anyone is not in the know, manga are Japanese comics, in fact).

An anime series, which can be called the most popular part of the franchise, and in which the number of episodes in the hundreds.

As well as various video games. Most of these projects come out in Japan, not translated into other languages, and intended for consoles. However, there are projects for players who do not speak Japanese, as well as are owners of a PC.


1.      Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker

Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker


Like most other games in the Naruto universe, Naruto Boruto Shinobi Striker is an online fighting game.

But the similarities end there because this project offers a special unique gameplay, which is much more characteristic of session MMORPGs or shooters like Left4Dead.

The main feature of the game is that all battles in it take place online in PvP mode, and in a 4 by 4 format.

This greatly shifts the player’s priorities, because now it’s not enough to surpass the opponent in the knowledge of combos and the features of using the chakra, you also need to help teammates, not to remain in the numerical minority.

But good coordination within the team is rewarded with the opportunity to perform a joint combo, which can dramatically change the course of any battle.

The game makes good use of the branded shinobi abilities in the form of running on vertical surfaces, so here you will find truly 3D fights.


2.      Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja


One more browser-based MMO. And, by the way, very funny made. The fact is that we control here the characters-chibi and Naruto, well, or Bleach.

Chibi is a funny and slightly ridiculous little figure with a disproportionately large head. The gameplay here does not stand out anything special, the tasks seem to be the same (although everything was done quite funny), but at the same time the game perfectly cheers up.

Sit, watch the adventures of your “pet” – and relax with pleasure.


3.      Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Best Naruto Games


At its core, this fighting game is the long-awaited port of the 2008 PlayStation-exclusive on PC. When porting, the game not only retained all the advantages of the console version but also significantly improved its already high-quality graphic component.

As a result, the battles in it look exactly like in the anime series, which creates an incredible atmosphere of immersion in the game world.

Thanks to many innovations, fighting here is even more dynamic than in most fighting games around the world of Naruto.

For example, a sufficiently long series of strokes can break through a block, characters can now run along walls and the surface of the water during a battle, and after losing a certain amount of HP, fighters can turn on the transformation model, in which all of their main parameters are significantly increased. The main disadvantage of this game is that you cannot play it online.

4.      Naruto Shippunden: Dragon Blade Chronicles

Naruto Shippunden Dragon Blade Chronicles


It is the best naruto game. But this game will appeal to all fans of slashers. The fact is that here we will mow enemies not with arms and legs, but using the same Dragon Blade.

The graphics in this toy seem to be not the most powerful, but everything is drawn very well, so the picture leaves the most positive impression. The gameplay is also thought out, and regular battles and boss fights are interestingly made. Plus, there is a good plot. In general, this project should appeal to all fans of the series.


5.      Naruto Online

best Naruto games


Naruto Online is an online best Naruto game in the universe of the Naruto series, which is a hybrid between the classic MMORPGs and turn-based strategy.

In exploration mode, a player-selected character roams the world and interacts with NPCs and other players.

Having stumbled upon aggressive monsters or hostile players, we switch to battle mode, in which the selected ninja squad fights against the enemy squad.

A squad consists of a maximum of 4 characters, each of which must be placed on one of the 9 available placement cells.

The formation affects both the order of action of our wards of the ninja, and the strength of their skills and the ability to use various combos.

The graphics of the best Naruto game are as close as possible to the serial, and the soundtrack is taken straight from there.


6.      Anime Characters

Anime Characters


A browser in which three universes are united at once. These are the worlds of One Piece, Bleach and, of course, Naruto.

Crazy mix with no less crazy plot. Although, despite this (and maybe due to this circumstance), the game is very interesting. With an interesting plot, humor and good graphics.

In addition, the number of recognizable characters here is off the charts.

In general, the project is a real treasure for anime lovers. Like any browser, it is absolutely free and does not require installation. So, register – and go.


7.      Ninja Saga

best Naruto game


One more classic MMO-RPG browser. The gameplay is familiar – we run around the map, complete tasks, move along the plot and swing on opponents.

When creating a character, we select the village in which we begin our career, we also choose one of the schools (local replacement of classes).

As in most similar games, there are many activities for all tastes.

You can have fun in PvP or PvE, complete daily tasks, or even set up a garden and engage in vegetable growing. In general, there is a lesson for everyone.


8.      Naruto Infinity

Naruto Infinity


Naruto Infinity is the original browser on the universe of the Naruto series. Like other similar games, it is proposed to choose one of the three directions of character development – ninjutsu (allows you to inflict powerful enemies on opponents), taijutsu (increases the chances of blocking part of the damage) and genjutsu (gives a chance to completely evade the enemy’s attack).

At the same time, the game implements the stone-scissors-paper system, which is familiar to many strategies – the ninja-expert can break through the taijutsu block, the taijutsu master can reduce the chances of a hero practicing genjutsu to dodge, and high mastery of the genjutsu reduces the damage from the critical strike of the ninjutsu master.

An important difference between this game and most browsers based on Naruto is that here we have to manually apply various skills. And sometimes in battles, there are QTEs where you need to have time to press a combination of keys to cause increased damage.


9.      Naruto: Naiteki-Kensei

Naruto Naiteki-Kensei


Starting as just another anime-oriented mod for the legendary Half-Life, this game gradually became an independent phenomenon.

Its key feature is only online gameplay. The shooter past makes itself felt – besides the fights itself, much depends on the skillful use of improvised melee and ranged weapons, as well as on the competent and timely use of various remote Jutsu.

The main disadvantage of the best Naruto game is a small amount of content, because so far only the most basic characters of the universe of the series are available in it, namely Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke and, of course, Naruto himself.

And the number of initially available cards is also relatively small. Nevertheless, the game was loved by many fans of the series, so it has grown into numerous communities, which not only fill the game servers but also create their own mods for the game with fresh content.


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10.    Unlimited Ninja

Unlimited Ninja 


Here we have a game exclusively based on Naruto. Why is it good – the plot is not linear, and at certain points, it depends on you how the story goes. This adds some intrigue to the game, and also allows you to choose your own development path. But the project is interesting not only for this.

There are really many different battle modes in Unlimited Ninja that are PvP and PvE. In PvE – various trials, dungeons and boss battles. In PvP – duels, Arenas, Interserve battles and the like.

There are many options, not to list everything. But it is thanks to this diversity that playing here is really interesting.


11.    Ninja Wars 2

best Naruto game


Unlike most other best naruto games on our list, this browser is not only dedicated to the universe of the Naruto series. In fact, it is an adapted crossover between the worlds of Naruto and Bleach.

Both of these series belong to the Shonen genre and tell about the heroic adventures of young guys with superpowers, so the appearance of a game connecting these two worlds together was a matter of time.

The gameplay of Ninja Wars 2 is a study of various locations, communication with NPCs and other players, and turn-based automatic battles, in which, as the character is pumped, and it becomes possible to use various Jutsu.

In addition to learning new skills, the character can get improved equipment items. The best Naruto Game graphics are made in a cute “chibi” style and at the same time are pleasant enough for a browser.


12.    Ninja World

best Naruto game


Ninja World is a browser-based MMORPG based on the universe of the Naruto series, which can be played for free on the website of its official publisher, Espritgames.

The best Naruto game has three classes of characters, each of which is aimed at the priority development of one of the three techniques – taijutsu genjutsu (using the chakra to create illusions), or ninjutsu (combat use of the chakra).

The main feature of the best Naruto game is a wide variety of plot development possibilities: it becomes possible not only to follow the “good” path but also to join the “evil” forces and write your own story of this world.

The basis of the gameplay is automatic turn-based battles, the role of the player is reduced to character development and exploration of the world.

The battles take place in a team format, new shinobi are added to the player’s team for certain achievements.


13.    Jump Force

Jump Force

Jump Force is a game in which characters from the universes Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, and, of course, Naruto clashed in furious fights.

At the same time, not only the young shinobi and his sworn friend Sasuke, but also the rest of the characters, came from the world of Naruto.

The developers implemented fights in the 3 by 3 format, which will force players to interact with each other, but at the same time leave room for individual skill. The balance is achieved due to the powerful remote attacks of characters focused on long-range combat, and abilities, allowing you to drastically reduce the distance at the contactees.

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