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Best PC Games 2019 – The Most Anticipated Games

Best PC Games 2019

Almost every release of the new pc game or video game, it seems that there can be no better. But it takes a lot of months to create any and it is not surprising that some of the announced games users of consoles and PCs have long been waiting for. This collection contains the best PC games 2019, the most anticipated games you have ever played.


Ace Combat 7: Top of the PC Games 2019 List

Ace Combat 7

This flight simulator was released not so long ago – in mid-January but has already collected a decent number of fans and positive reviews. This is the seventh part of the series, the first release of which took place in 1992. And the creators still manage to surprise.

Why advise a novelty:

  • There are roof-top mission exclusives created for VR. You can play them on PS 4.
  • Available not only for PlayStation but also for the computer.
  • There is a local multiplayer for 2 players.
  • Exciting aerial fights, impressive graphics in the game – it met the expectations of gamers.
  • Tasks are quite interesting and varied.


Metro Exodus

The new shooter – the continuation of a series of games created based on the “Universe of Metro 2033”. Heroes fend off the “inhuman” inhabitants of the subway and try to survive. The fight is in the first person.

Main settings:

  • The game has not completely passed into the open world. However, a significant part of it – one where there is no direct following of the storyline – has moved into large-scale locations.
  • There was a change in time of day and year.
  • Attention to detail is visible everywhere: graffiti is different, in the house you can find a sewing machine – a black Singer, the new tablet is equipped with a walkie-talkie and is powered by batteries, and a map has appeared in it.
  • New weapon customization system – search and upgrade are performed independently. You can improve the “trunk” on a workbench or in the field. In addition, you don’t have to choose which weapon to pick up and which one to throw away: you can take parts by upgrading the weapon.
  • Multiplatform: goes to consoles from Sony PlayStation and other manufacturers, and to PC.


Anthem – Another latest PC game of 2019

anthem_-pc games 2019

A hell of a mixture of Action / RPG and shooter. The huge world of the project allows you to send groups of players on expeditions in order to reveal many secrets. Naturally, you need to defeat the enemy along the way, who is trying in every possible way to prevent it.

Key features of the new 2019:

  • Exo suits are available for mercenaries, each of which is unique. With their help, uncharted terrain can be explored while on the ground, and in the air or underwater. The role of a gamer in battle is determined by the exosuit available to him: a ranger, colloss, storm or interceptor.
  • A matchmaking system is provided: the team will automatically be staffed up to four users.


The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

Rumors that Obsidian Entertainment is creating a new game similar to Fallout New Vegas, went for a long time, but only at the end of 2018, they were confirmed.

Developers introduced first-person role-playing action The Outer Worlds, which will send players to a planet far from Earth, where the main character will have to interact with various factions in order to save everyone as always.

The Outer Worlds will have many things that are familiar to you: interactive dialogs, satellites with additional side quests, non-linearity in gameplay and plot, as well as variable character leveling. Unfortunately, for some reason, gamers forgot about sex with NPCs.

The game is based on Unreal Engine 4 and includes the best pc games 2019, but it will not have the same big open world as in Fallout New Vegas. As you progress, players will have to travel the planets and collaborate with various factions.


Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III - pc games 2019

Another January novelty is Kingdom Hearts III the latest in the list of PC games 2019, a full-blown crossover of the Disney and Square Enix universes.

This time we continue the story of Sora and finally find out how the Xeanort saga ends. The developers do not just wrap familiar cartoon characters in-game textures, but they reproduce entire worlds of Disney franchises.

You can easily learn “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Toy Story”, Arendelle from “Frozen” and many other locations, characters and events.

We are getting ready to go in search of the owners of the Blade Keys on January 29! The game will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

After a couple of weeks, we are waiting for a real flurry of releases. There are five notable projects at once (and if you are an Origin Access Premier subscriber – even six) for almost any taste.


Jump force – Anticipated PC Game of 2019

Jump force – Anticipated PC Game of 2019

You can endlessly look at three things: fire, water and how heroes from different universes meet to fill each other’s faces.

Crossovers are a popular and therefore regular attraction for authors of comics, films, and games. Of the latter, one can recall, for example, the Injustice series, as well as the fresh Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate, which broke all the start-up sales records for the Nintendo Switch. At the beginning of 2019, another fighting crossover will be added to this company – Jump Force.

And even if you have never read a single manga in your life, you will find several familiar faces here, because almost every popular manga sooner or later receives an anime adaptation.

So in this “Japanese Injustice,” you will meet the heroes of Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and Death Note … well, you understand. In addition to spectacular battles, the developers promise an exciting plot: you will need to find out for yourself why characters from completely different worlds ended up in one place.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


The release of the TPS project is about to stop the excruciating wait for fans of the 1st part.  According to the plot, a gamer gets to Washington six months after the events of the previous part. The situation is seriously heated: there is a civil war between survivors and groups of looters.

The most important features:

  • Graphics noticeably changed for the better.
  • The elaboration of detail is at a high level: the chic atmosphere of the game world, which is especially pronounced in rainy weather.
  • Now the restoration takes place without any first-aid kits, but thanks to the repair of the details of the armor, which is more realistic. The same applies to character abilities that need to be controlled for maximum effect.


Mortal kombat 11

mortal-kombat-11-pc games 2019

A festive date is already approaching, which lovers of “meat” are looking forward to. It is the most popular game in the list of PC games 2019.

5 reasons to replenish the collection with the novelty 2019:

  • Level of cruelty – “ultra”: even more blood, broken bones, torn limbs.
  • Graphics since MK X has improved markedly, and the level of detail has grown.
  • The mechanics of the battle have changed. An X-ray can be done only once per round, and then, if health drops to a certain point.
  • If the fatal blow (former X-ray) did not work, it will recover faster than it did in the previous parts. Although you can’t run now, moving around the arena has become more authentic. Damage is displayed differently: instead of a percent – specific numbers.


Death Stranding

Death Stranding - pc games 2019

An open-world action makes console gamers languish awaiting release. The plot of the game is interesting: the central character Sam Bridges is in a world changed by a phenomenon or event called Death Stranding. The hero goes on a journey to restore a split world.

Why in rating:

  • The game play is quite calm, but at the same time rich and addictive. There are plenty of surprises and puzzles in it.
  • It should be noted the chic graphics and originality of Death Stranding. The huge surrounding world is full of oddities, in which everything is original up to the inverted rainbow.
  • “Timefall” is rain from another world, distorting the passage of time: you have to repeatedly age, die and be reborn, and it’s not about returning to a checkpoint. The cycle “death – purgatory – new birth” will have to go through more than once. This is probably why the hero carries with him the “remnants of the future of humanity” – something like an embryonic version of himself.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 - pc games 2019

The previous part of the car simulator was so impressive for racing enthusiasts as part of Gambling that we without hesitation granted it 10 points.

Not every day comes a race of this level! And in general, the game was warmly received by both journalists and critics – its page on the same Steam is dotted with positive ratings.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Codemasters announced a sequel. Dirt Rally 2.0 finally boasts an official license for the World Rallycross Championship – the world rally championship.

The bad news is that Paul Coleman, who meticulously verified many elements of the game, left the studio. Let’s hope that the developers will be able to develop the ideas of the previous part in the right direction.


Rage 2

Rage 2

There will be quite a lot of post-apocalypse in 2019. Our list of best PC games 2019 includes another crazy game that will show how the world can become after a global catastrophe.

This, of course, is about Rage 2 by id Software and Avalanche Studios. The developers made it clear that the sequel will not be like the first part. First of all, the game will be more fun than serious.

This can be seen in the first trailers and good color scheme, which against the background of other post-apocalyptic actions looks at least unusual.

In Rage 2 there will be an open world.


Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

A gamer finds himself in a European city 15 years after the epidemic. For control over the remnants of civilization, various factions will fight. You can perform tasks for any of them. The open-world and the terrible plot of the second part of the eponymous series – all for fans of action, Survival horror, and RPG.

5 reasons to buy a new product in 2019:

  1. In the continuation of the sensational zombie action, emphasis will be placed on the plot and construction of the world.
  2. Eastern color will give way to European. The city presented in teasers reminds either Paris or Prague.
  3. You cannot make a 100% right decision: for example, if you recapture a water tower, clean water suitable for drinking will appear in the city, but such an action will also have negative consequences.
  4. The dialogue system has been improved: words also influence what is happening.
  5. The world in comparison with the first part has become more than 4 times. The graphics improved, but the atmosphere remained.

All the games described here are not without reason included in the list of PC games 2019, because each of them promises to be very cool.

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