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Best Rimworld Mods – Weapons, Zombies and Much More

Best Rimworld Mods

In this article, we are going to briefly explain Best Rimworld Mods – the mods for characters, weapons, zombies, races, new technologies and much more.

RimWorld, an indie simulator of building and managing a space colony, has finally landed on Steam Early Access. Despite the fact that the game is still in the alpha stage and has existed for only a few years, it already has its own community of passionate players. And where there are passionate players, there are also inventive modders.


Below is a list of the best Rimworld Mods. We should expect regular updates in the future, both new mods and old ones will be added, which have not yet been updated to support the current version – RimWorld v14 alpha.


How to Install Best Rimworld Mods

However, first, let’s figure out how to install these mods since Rimworld is not so simple with this. Any inconsistency will force the game to unload all mods at once.

  • Some of these mods will require a HugsLib file. , which is essentially a library of code from the modder community. All mods accessing it should follow HugsLib in your installation queue.
  • Any mod that takes data from another mod should be in the installation queue after its “source”.


EDB Prepare Carefully

EDB Prepare Carefully


If you are new to Rimworld, play at least one game without Prepare Carefully to get an idea of ​​what game was meant to be. And only then, when you are irrevocably sucked, put the mod.

Prepare Carefully allows you to change almost everything in your colonists, from their appearance to names, stats, features, and equipment. It removes from the game the limit on the number of points with which the base game tries to balance the complexity, so do not overdo it, otherwise, everything will be too simple.

Of course, a dozen colonists armed to the teeth of the maximum level are fun, but they get bored very quickly.


Colony Manager – The Best Rimworld Mod

Colony Manager – The Best Rimworld Mod

To be honest, this mod is so beautiful that I even wonder why I did not recommend it before. “Manager” removes from you the need to control the hunting process yourself and cutting down trees.

All that remains for you is to determine the volumes of meat and timber being harvested, and your colonists will support them as much as they can.

Colony Manager also deals with livestock, allowing you to forget about sending him to the slaughterhouse, caring for predators, as well as taming and training livestock.

Well, true, this is one of the most important mods for organizing a prosperous colony. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with other creations of its author.


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best rimworld mods

One of the most unpleasant parts of the base game for me was the guests who have no purpose. They simply wandered around the map, callused eyes (usually in front of turrets or just in the rain), and then retreated away. Of course, it happened that traders came to me, but it was so rare that they weren’t mentioned.

Hospitality gives the player the opportunity to build apartments for guests, indicate where they can and should not go, mark items in this area as “purchased”, and improve (or vice versa) relations with the guest’s faction through various actions with him. You can even build a hotel with the best beer in the colony or organize a slave trade.


Dubs Bad Hygiene

Dubs Bad Hygiene


My list of best Rimworld mods is not completed without this mod. I love Taikuns for the realism of what is happening, and in Rimworld, with all its needs and the moods of the colonists, a very important thing is missing: hygiene. Therefore, I was incredibly happy to find a Dubs Bad Hygiene mod that eliminates this drawback.

Toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs, waste processing stations, sewers, and plumbing – all this is now in the game, along with the needs of Hygiene and Bladder. Well, of course, the more elegant the bathroom looks, the happier its owner will be.


Save Our Ship

One of my favorite mods, once abandoned by the author and in-game version 1.0, picked up by another modder.

Since the ultimate goal of Rimworld is to build a ship and escape from the planet, there is something to become discouraged at the end.

The colonists with whom you have been related for hundreds of hours fly away and the game ends. It is done…

And no! With this mod, your next save will begin from the previous colony – your new ship will land directly on another wild planet! Endless fan!

Note that to use the mod, you must first build and launch a spaceship.


MOD Manager

The process of selecting and installing mods can turn into a terrible headache if you do not have the right tools at hand.

And again, the Fluffy modder comes to the rescue with his Mod Manager, the most painless and simple way to organize your mods, save lists and, importantly, the ability to store local copies of mods. An irreplaceable thing.


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Color-Coded Moods – The best Rimworld Mods

Tynen, creator and inspirer of Rimworld, has done a great job on the mood levels of the colonists, and this small mod only makes things a little easier.

Behind each of your colonists, there is a scale of his mood, decreasing at the same time as the character plunges into despondency. This mod changes the color of the scale, making the mood more visual.

Replace Stuff

Replace stuff is one of the best Rimworld mods. In Rimworld, by default, there is no way to replace or improve buildings, which makes reinforcing the protective perimeter a very dangerous task, because while you break one piece of the wall and erect another in its place, your colonist may become a victim of some, especially crafty predator.

This mod makes it possible to improve walls and other things by simply placing objects of a different type on top of them. For example, if you start to “build” the floor on top of a tree, the colonists will destroy the plant and complete the task.


Realistic Rooms

The main script Rimworld entrusts in your hands the three colonists who survived the crash on this distant uninhabited planet. They have to huddle in small rooms, do without a dining table and endure other hardships and hardships.

Realistic Rooms, along with various minor management improvements, reduces the size requirements for character bedrooms.


While You’re Up

It is always discouraging to see how your colonist calmly walks past the item he was supposed to pick up. And then he stomps back for a long time, losing even more time.

While Up mod heals characters from such inattention, helping them to vigilantly inspect the surroundings along the way to their work.

For example, a cook walking past plates of food will grab them and place them in the refrigerator. Remember that the time saved is someone’s saved a life!


Mods from Fluffy

Modder Fluffy has already created many useful and easy-to-use best Rimworld mods. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all his works, you may personally like more. But in this article, we will consider those that, in our personal opinion, are definitely worth trying out.



Best Rimworld Mods


This mod from Fluffy is designed for a more comfortable and faster design of any buildings. After its installation, the need for preparing drawings before construction will disappear by itself.

The process of creating drawings of buildings has been simplified to the maximum.

With this mod, just move the box over the selected building and the project will be created by itself.

Subsequently, it is enough to move the box to the planned location section and, as if by magic, a 100% exact copy will appear on this place.


Relations Tab

With the growth of the population in your colony, you will have to follow the relations of the colonialists with each other, as well as the relations between the fractions. And this is not easy, given the rather inconvenient social tab in RimWorld.

Fluffy came to the rescue with a much more intuitive system that allows you to monitor your colonizers using an interactive dynamic graph.


Animals Tab

There are many types of animals in the game and during the game, you will have to decide who to tame and who to hunt for. If everything is simple with the game, then domesticated animals will require attention, food, and sometimes medical care.

The Animals Tab mod expands the capabilities of the standard tab, allowing you to not only track the status of home living creatures but also view attributes of interest.

For example, for breeding animals, it is necessary to isolate a heterosexual couple of one species and make sure that the animals are not old and can give offspring.

The parameter body size also plays an important role. It is important for calculating the amount of meat obtained after cutting. And with it, you can change the name of the pet at any time.


Colony Manager

Even experienced managers cannot keep track of every process in the enterprise. At Rimworld, this is even more difficult because the colony is constantly growing and something always happens in it.

But another successful mod from Fluffy called Colony Manager Changes things. Work management becomes an easier task and greatly simplifies the gameplay.

There is no need to monitor workers and look at the stopwatch. Through the manager’s menu, you can automate almost all the work of each colonist.


Glitter Tech

Glitter Tech


If you are stuck on a desert planet, this does not mean that you cannot own cool things. This is the future, after all, and Glitter Tech raises the stakes, giving you access to energy weapons and armor, advanced power generators and defensive structures, similar to powerful turrets, auto-mortars, and explosive passes.

Here are just these technologies – a tidbit for the allied factions, and they may ask for some of your fascinating toys. Be ready.


Gameplay – Best Rimworld Mods

If over time the picture of the game became boring or wanted to somehow diversify the passage, then for this case we picked up a number of interesting modifications.


Zombieland Mod

How many films, books, and games are dedicated to zombies? This theme has always attracted millions of gamers.

The very essence of introducing a dangerous infection into the game is of very interest, and it makes us look at the plot of Rimworld in a new light.

The infection spreads around the planet and affects your colony. Infected settlers eventually turn into dangerous zombies that, like walking biological weapons, can infect other colonists.

But not everything is so hopeless. There is certainly a way to save a bitten character. It is enough to cut off a damaged limb before the virus is activated. Yes, not the most humane idea, but effective. The hero will acquire the status of a disabled person and will not be able to fully perform his duties, but will continue to live and work in another area.


Glitter Tech

What could be better than working plasma guns in the hands of discoverers on an unknown desert planet? Mod Glitter Tech provides full access to all possible defense news of the future.

Everything your heart desires, from energy weapons and heavy-duty armor to advanced defense systems in the form of turrets and mortars.

This will give the colony reliable protection against any external enemies. But be prepared, because such interesting toys may appeal to allied factions. And you have to make a choice: to share and become best friends, or to get another sworn enemy.

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