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Best VR Games for Android and PC’s


Best VR Games

Now best VR games no longer seem like such a miracle of technology to us, but not so long ago we couldn’t even imagine that it would be possible to get into our favorite gaming universe almost literally – at least create a convincing feeling.

Between the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and now the new Oculus Go, the noise around VR continues to rise, and (finally) this time it doesn’t look like it’s going to fade away.


Virtual Reality

Initially, the product was only available on DayDream, but after success, they made a port for Gear VR, Oculus Go, Steam, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

The game offers us a future in which robots take over the planet, and people are forced to work as servants.

Assuming the role of one of these assistants, you must carry out various tasks for your masters or arrange an uprising.

Over many levels, you have to teleport to different countries of the world and complete various quests, enjoying the absurd humor of the developers.


But for now, let’s discuss some best VR games for android and PCs.


Hardlight Blade

Hardlight Blade

Of course, this is not exactly a Beat Saber, but for a Jedi lover with a budget virtual reality headset, Hardlight Blade is more than successful.

The gameplay is simple: you own a futuristic blade and cut wave after wave of enemy robots. It may seem unfair that the enemies have ranged weapons until you find that their laser bullets can be repelled.

There are not so many levels, and it’s also difficult to extend for a long time, but considering that the game costs nothing, it still remains one of the best in the genre.


Shock Saber

Dance Dance Revolution meets Star Wars; Guitar Hero Meets the Throne; it all happens in virtual reality at the beat Saber.

In the new rhythm game, players beat luminous sabers to the beat of the musical composition. This challenges players to keep up with the melody by cutting certain color blocks from certain directions and dodging obstacles.

The Beat Saber is currently in early access for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices. Despite his early access status, he already has “extremely positive” Steam reviews. If you want to play music, cut blocks and sweat a bit, check out the Beat Saber.


Batman: Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR

Which of us did not dream of trying on the image of the main character Gotham, an eccentric rich man, the owner of unique technologies and the coolest car in the world, a favorite of women and simply handsome Bruce Wayne? All you need to feel like Batman for an hour or two is to download Batman: Arkham VR and get a VR helmet Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The game turned out to be really worthy, the graphics and soundtrack are excellent, and the plot is based on original comics. The only annoyance is that the arsenal of weapons and all kinds of military equipment is very limited.


Astro Bot

Our list of best VR games is not completed without Astro Bot. If you have a PlayStation VR headset, stop working, upgrade to PS4 and buy Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. If the PlayStation VR was expecting a murderous title, then, of course, it is. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is not just a great virtual reality platformer, it is a great platformer game.

Astro-bot: A rescue mission full of ingenuity, which we are accustomed to expecting only from the Nintendo Mario series, plays with the VR format with such a wild imagination that other efforts look lazy. Weaving levels around the player and using scales that disarm and delight your expectations are completely different from what you have ever played before.

Astro Bot Specifications


  1. Each of the worlds is divided into stages. After passing them, a meeting with the boss is ahead, if you defeat him, the next world opens.
  2. All worlds and levels are unique and beautiful in their own way, so the gameplay has come out quite diverse. Cartoon design adds a special atmosphere.
  3. Excellent study: footprints in the sand, grass movement when moving along it, the environment responds to actions, which contributes to an even deeper immersion. In general, virtual reality in all its glory.
  4. To ignore the collection of bots that are very cleverly hidden is not worth it, as they open up battles with bosses. If there are a few bots, you will have to pass the level.
  5. Saturation is the hobby of the game. Secret areas, coins that can be spent on entertainment and collectibles, as well as a lot of other surprises will not let you get bored.
  6. Designed exclusively for PlayStation 4 VR consoles.


Talos Principle VR

If you want a brilliantly implemented puzzle game, you should familiarize yourself with the Talos Principle.

And, if you want to transfer this experience into virtual reality, this is where the Talos VR principle comes into play.

It recreates the experience of the original game with full virtual reality support, providing players with all the mobility options they may need, along with the scale of the room, standing, or sitting game modes.


Robo Recall

Robo Recall

Robo Recall is one of the best VR games. It immerses you in a futuristic world where robots are everywhere, and all this is insanely expensive until the AI ​​infects all the robots after the AI ​​itself goes crazy with the discovery of the Internet and its many videos with kittens. Did we mention that this game was made by the same studio as Borderlands?

Robo Recall is a half-ridiculous farce, as you are instructed to “remember” all the failed robots. The other half is a crazy shooter where a swarm of robots attacks, and you use an arsenal of updated weapons, your convenient ability to teleport and slow downtime, as well as many creative abilities to destroy them.

There is nothing better than grabbing a robot and using it as a shield in your left hand, while you throw a pistol in your right hand at the enemy just to catch the gun when it bounces off their face and then shoots. Despite the high intensity, this game remains quite comfortable for those who experience motion sickness in VR.

Although Robo Recall is exclusive to Oculus, it is so good that HTC Vive owners should definitely figure out how to play Oculus games.


Echo Arena – One of the Best VR Games

Echo Arena is a completely new sport, invented only for virtual reality, and completely free for owners of Oculus Rift. In the game, teams of robots fly around a weightless environment, trying to grab a disk and score points, throwing a disk through the target of the opposing team.

What may seem like a simple game becomes even more brilliant thanks to how players can interact. Using the Oculus Touch controls, players can engage with opposing players, stunning them with a blow to the head. Another main skill in the game is to ride another player and rush forward to achieve insane speeds. This is a wild sport, unlike everything that we played before. And at a low, low price of $0, this is the best choice.


Skyrim VR

At this point, Skyrim needs no introduction. It was released, and released, and released again. This time we are talking about Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, and at the same time, it offers the biggest adventure game we have ever seen in VR.

You can not only re-live the entire basic Skyrim game in VR, but also a game including Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC. Even if Skyrim VR is not completely perfect, having outdated graphics (which can be improved with mods) and not creating virtual reality from scratch, it’s still an adventure that is easy to plunge into.

Sprint Vector

best VR games


Sprint Vector is unique among racing video games in the sense that you really get a workout by playing it. The game puts you in the role of a racer (your character is literally kidnapped and forced to participate in races) in various alien worlds.

To succeed, you must wave your arms in the real world to speed up your character and reach maximum speed.

Sprint Vector is an animated film featuring bonuses in the style of Mario Kart to achieve a competitive advantage.

If you want to have some fun and treat yourself, Sprint Vector is a great choice. We felt a burn after a couple of races, and our fitness trackers would surely applaud us if we ran through all 21 game courses.


Moss PlayStation VR Exclusive

After a wait that seemed to last forever, Moss finally landed on the PlayStation VR in February 2018.

Quill, the heroine of this tale maybe the size of a pint (and literally have a tail), but Moss takes advantage of the size, giving players the prospect of their main character, rodents.

A family adventure in virtual reality, you will guide Quill through forests and ruins, direct past enemies and take control of environmental elements to solve puzzles.

The goal is to save Uncle Quill and giving you double control over the avatar hero and omnipotent influence on her environment, this is an ideal way to take advantage of the power of virtual reality.


Best VR games for Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR was developed in collaboration with Oculus – it is a powerful system compatible only with high-end Galaxy smartphones, such as Galaxy S7, S8, S8 +, S9 / S9 + or Note 8, Note9.



Rangi is a beautiful puzzle game with the aesthetics of African tribal art, architecture, and music. The latter is particularly exciting throughout the game.

You have a sacred task – to restore rhythm in the world. To do this, you have to fight the boss, solve dozens of difficult tasks, explore hidden temples crammed with cunning traps, and in short the classics of the genre.


End Space

End Space is one of the best VR games. It is a space fighter with stunning visual effects, an exciting environment, and a carefully crafted science fiction story.

In addition to the Gear VR platform, the game is supported by Oculus Rift, PSVR and Oculus Go.

Complete freedom of movement in virtual reality space may seem somewhat disorienting, but as soon as you learn to control your Minos Starfighter, you will instantly feel like a desperate pilot, turning enemies into cosmic dust.



Sky-lovers of horror are recommended. Gamers have to explore the abandoned spacecraft-station, on which crowds of zombies and mutants have already settled. It’s simple: kill or die. The task is complicated by the fact that the central character is rather weak physically, unlike the enemy.

But the main character is much smarter – and this is his superiority. The appearance of the enemy is awesome, therefore, playing in VR glasses, you need to prepare for a constant feeling of anxiety and outright fear.


Why this exclusive for PS 4 is good:

  1. The project turned out to be quite atmospheric: disgustingly beautiful – that’s how you can describe the terrible game world on which a gamer will travel.
  2. Excellent optimization for BP: no excessive eye strain or dizziness after prolonged gameplay. Pick up objects and aim at the enemy with a look is simple and convenient. An important detail is an interface that is integrated directly into the game: if desired, even the card can be opened not by a separate button, but by approaching special terminals at the levels. This is another plus to immersion in the virtual world, enhancing the effect of presence.


  1. A sense of progress: at first you will have to behave carefully, hiding from the enemy, but in a couple of hours of gameplay you can replenish the arsenal quite well. There is a leveling character. The well-developed tactics will facilitate the passage, but you should not forget about the dangers that lie ahead: a second relaxation can cost a character life.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Best VR Games


A horror rail shooter is an offshoot of the popular Until Dawn. The goal is to survive. “Not very funny slides” – the attraction is not for the faint of heart. Discussing the plot is not a good idea, because important points can be spoiled.

Those who are familiar with Until Dawn will find many twists and turns that are interconnected. Gamers who are not familiar with the main product will be no less interested.


The best qualities of an exclusive game project:

1 Gamers will find themselves in the subconscious of a madman who terrorized teenagers who were resting on the estate. All this is presented as an amusement park in which a player rides in a trolley. Acquaintance with the non-trivial world comes from the first person.

  1. 2. The player gets into the shooter using virtual reality glasses. The effect of presence does its job: the terrifying atmosphere, which is complemented by the appropriate audio sequence, the effect of surprise and other elements, literally permeates. Do not relax the further, the worse. Bloodshed in the eyes, ghosts from nowhere and other tin are also not a pleasant sight. In general, gamers are advised not to play after meals. And after the game, there is hardly any desire.
  2. 7 levels, each of which lasts about 20 minutes – more than enough to tickle the nerves. Each level has its own boss, which is very difficult to kill.
  3. For control, you can use the joystick for the PS4 or motion controllers. Judging by the reviews, with two muvami is still more interesting.


Ghost Giant

Who would have thought that the Ghost Giant’s unsuspecting story of imaginary friendship — a concept already well-studied in VR — would contain enough subversive activity and charm to make it one of the best games of the year? Zoink’s developer really doubles the proven and true aspects of VR, such as the power of the content with the diorama, the intensity of the connection and the weight of the interaction to create something special.

The Ghost Giant has some great little puzzles, but its theme of depression and the weight it puts on others really makes it unforgettable. Even if you don’t consider yourself interested in a plot experience, the Ghost Giant is something that should interest you.


Resident Evil 7

Resident evil 7


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a big part of even the best VR games. It is a breath of fresh air, even if it is terrible at the same time. Despite being able to play it differently on your PC, Xbox One, and PS4 itself, this is the first release of the Resident Evil series, which, as you might say, was designed with virtual reality in mind. This is because, unlike previous records, Resident Evil 7 is reproduced in terms of the first-person perspective.

Do not think that you can just run and go through the game, as Capcom has returned Resident Evil to its roots of survival horrors with Resident Evil 7.

Thus, you will have to tactically think about how you manage to survive encounters with bizarre enemies of the game.

Like Ethan Winters, a resident of Dalvi, Louisiana, whose wife went missing three years ago, you will be tasked with exploring the creaky old abandoned house to find her.

The silver lining is that the game has only one location, so do not expect something too chaotic, except for the generous help from jumping.


Lucky’s Tale

Lucky’s Tale is one of two games (the other is a multiplayer dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie) complete with Oculus Rift, and it’s an intriguing little platform game. Imagine that Mario 64 is connected to Crash Bandicoot when viewed from a third-person angle, which you can manipulate by moving your head and you will be halfway there.

The VR element allows you to look more at the level as you move, which sounds useless, but actually introduces an exploration element when you tilt your head to reveal the secrets of the level. It may not blow you away like other VR games, but Lucky’s Tale proves that VR can breathe new life into old, supposedly dead genres.


Above is the complete list of best VR games on Android and computers. Which one do you like the most? Please tell us in comments.

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