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Borderlands 3: Release Date, Trailer and Review

Borderlands 3

Here we are going to describe the video game borderlands 3 release date, trailer and review. The most anticipated game you have ever played. The top level gamers love this video game and rated top of the list in video games.


Borderlands 3 – Anticipated video game

When in 2015 2K Games announced that they were preparing the third series of this remarkable in all respects crossbreeding product of Diablo and the classic shooter, everyone who played in the first two smiled knowingly.

After all, we were expecting another trip in the scenery of the end of the world, proving that a sense of humor and craving for the beautiful should not be lost even in such frightening conditions. After all, what are we, in fact, used to?

Radiation ashes romantically circling in the air, ruins everywhere, the dim light of a luminous body that was tired of us and, of course, all the gradations of gray in absolutely everything. The gray mob, the gray set, the whole white light became gray something like that.

But Borderlands, as it turned out, had never heard of this post-apocalyptic setting law. And he created his own. Awesomely bright and perky.


General information about the latest Borderlands 3 game

  • Genre – Shooter / RPG
  • Setting – Post-Apocalypse / Fantasy
  • Developer – Gearbox Software
  • Publisher / Localizer – 2K Games
  • Release Date – 2019

Well, it seems that fans are still destined to wait for this wonderful event, and although neither 2K nor Gearbox have talked directly about the timing yet, there is every reason to believe that this will happen in 2019.

Borderlands 3 Game developers

Gamers were very interested in a sensational interview with the head of Take-Two Interactive, the “mother” of the two companies involved in the release of the franchise to the masses of companies, in which he coquettishly hinted that one of their most prominent series would be continued by the forces of these functionaries.

Given that simple logic leaves no room for thinking that it could be BioShock, since even ventricular defibrillation will not help this game now, the time of the fourth Mafia simply didn’t come, but nevertheless, we all know for sure that the Gearbox has been plowing for the third year without raising its head.

And obviously not over their strategic series such as Civilization or XCOM, since they are completely unable to fill out the accounts of companies to the desired mark.

Consequently, there is only one option, and now it’s worth doing the most beloved thing of all gamers: to collect all the information in crumbs regarding the upcoming project and build forecasts from it all.


Story line of the Borderlands 3

The main characters will remain the same familiar to us Warehouse Seekers, although it is not known whether there will still be four of them, as in the original second part, or whether their list will be expanded to six – as in the supplement.

Which logically follows from the end of the previous series, at the end of which we were confronted with the fact that the galaxy is still full of Vaults, the protagonists will go to one of them, simultaneously encountering a powerful opposition of hyperionic forces and psychos.

Whether Lilith will be shown here as the new Angel, and what its significance will be in the subsequent narrative, is still unknown.

As a matter of fact, all the other details of the plot are still a secret, because the developers threaten to tell about them no earlier than six months before the official release.

And of course, I want to believe that the story told by Mike Newmann, creative director of Gearbox, will be no less exciting and fun than the one that Anthony Burch worked on – the permanent screenwriter of the first two parts and many other famous studio projects.


Game world

So, as a game card we will be offered the development of a new world, and it will consist of one planet or several, not yet specified.

Let’s hope that the same action-packed blockbuster awaits us with locations that are diverse in setting, a well-developed transport scheme, a worthy choice of opponents and reliable allies.


Gameplay Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 relelase date

It is expected that there will be the same first-person view and access to the network mode, which makes the gameplay more than just driving – unpredictable.

But it is not clear how the story with the branches of talent will develop, what will happen to the specialization, and whether greater diversity will be introduced in relation to class division and its features.

What there is clear certainty is that the environment will turn out to be just as remarkably interactive, and the teamwork of opponents and other abilities to adapt to the current changes in the game of AI, as always, will suffer from excessive complementarity.

Rumors about the variety of equipment in the new part of Borderlands are confirmed even by the fact that, either as a joke, or just for fun, this year’s game will add a “safe flamethrower” by Ilon Mask, which in all seriousness between the heads of SpaceX and Gearbox Software maintained official correspondence.


Graphics and Music

The technical demo has already seen the light of day, so you can make up, albeit preliminary, but quite an exhaustive opinion about the level of graphics and upcoming chips.

The teaser for developers directly states that Unreal Engine 4 will be used, and they will retain all that authentic, easily recognizable style of comic-like drawing, although they will add much more detail and realistic volume to it.


System Requirements and Platforms for Borderlands 3

Cross-platform for the new title series, of course, is promised, but from the list of consoles, Nintendo, which is currently experiencing not the best of times, was expectedly removed.

As for the principle of monetization, it seems that a final consensus has not yet been reached between Take-Two and Gearbox: the first for all of their projects are not going to refuse micro transaction policies, while Randy Pitchford categorically advocates free-of-charge game items, preferring to receive income exclusively from the DLC.

In general, work on Borderlands 3 is now in full swing: according to the assurances of the owners of TM, up to 90% of the entire staff and capacities of the studio are now occupied in it.


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