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How to Play FIFA 18 Career Mode?

FIFA 18 Career Mode

FIFA 18 does not consist of multiplayer alone. The FIFA 18 Career Mode is more than worthy. Millions of downloaded pirated copies are another confirmation of this.

In single-player FIFA 18 Career Mode, there is no main annoying game that is in the multiplayer – handicap, expressed in playing up to the losing side, which is why in the same FUT mode fantastic comebacks occur after 0: 3.

In single-player mode, there is something similar, but it is not so pronounced. Sometimes a computer can really abut and unpleasantly surprise, scoring 5 times after 5 hits.

But this is more an exception than a rule, so a single career is a good thing, but you need to be able to use it correctly to get maximum pleasure. And here is how to do this, you will learn from this material.


Choose Difficulty Correctly


For starters, you have to choose the game difficulty correctly. If you put it too hard, it will be uninteresting and unnatural.

Take Barcelona and begin to lose all sorts of Osasuna and Betis immediately. It is not right. But, the diametrically opposite way is to set an easier difficulty, which is also a bad choice.

You will beat everyone and when, by some Tula Arsenal, immediately take the championship gold three times in a row and win the Champions League, you will quickly lose your motivation.
But what to do if, for example, the legendary level is too complicated and the world level is too simple?

In this case, there is a wonderful method: change the difficulty settings depending on the venue of the match.

Bet less at home stadium, more at away games. In real life, it happens. Some teams are generally considered purely domestic, and chronically unable to play away. Houses and walls help – there is such a proverb.


Choose the Right Start Club

Now the next main question: who to play for? If you live in a city where there is a football club that fell into FIFA 18, then you can safely take it.

This is a win-win option. If not, then you have two diametrically opposite choices: take the grandees of world football and enjoy all the football charms by playing with modern stars until they are old.

Or take an unknown, poor club from some minor league and try to bring it to the football peaks. Both options are good, and both have their drawbacks.

If you take a grand, you will get a huge budget, a powerful team and you can get star players in the team.

Also, the European Cups will open before you from the first season, and just associating yourself with any Chelsea or Juventus – isn’t it wonderful? But on the other hand, they will require a lot from you and will not forgive mistakes.

You can, for example, take the national cup, reach the final of the Champions League and take the second place in the championship, and you will be fired, despite the medals.

In addition, you risk not knowing the sweetness of building up ambitions, the sweet feeling of growing out of children’s pants, when your provincial club today bargains for a star striker, and tomorrow this striker puts a hat-trick, some kind of Roma.


Learn To Beat the Computer

FIFA 18 Career Mode

But, all of the above will not bring you pleasure if you do not learn to beat artificial intelligence.

And learning to do this is not so difficult, not even of high complexity. The main thing you need to master is a couple, or even just one feint, with which you can remove the last defender from the road.

The computer is very reluctant to let you counterattack. The computer almost does not fail in protection, so that you run away from the center of the field to the gates of others. But at the same time, the computer likes to mess with the ball.

The defenders especially like to do this, and in these moments they can take the ball away, after which you will have one way – forward to a meeting with the opponent’s goalkeeper.

However, tricking a computer without using feints is not easy. Even the standard technique, when you run, then stop abruptly and change direction, is not as effective as in a game with a real player.

The AI-controlled bot will take only one extra step and that’s it. In other cases, the defenders will follow you as if glued, and you need to do something with them.

Often the guardianship will be so dense, especially at maximum difficulty, that it will not be easy to bring the player to the goal with a pass.

So you have to use feints. Just one feint, and now you have bypassed the defender, and in front of you is only the gate with the goalkeeper.

As for defense, then you need to carefully monitor the behavior of the computer. Sometimes it happens that he decides – that’s enough, it’s time to score.

And the forwards of the opponent, who did not know anything before, begin to carry your defense.

In these cases, the main thing is not to let them give the last pass. Foul, just not in the box, knock on the corner, pressure, but do not give the last pass.

The computer can give a cheatingly accurate pass that you wouldn’t succeed in your life, and then you can take the round out of the gate.

Therefore, sometimes it is better to foul, even rudely. A computer, even at the highest complexity, is chronically incapable of scoring from free-kicks.


Trade Correctly In the Transfer Market

18 football

Well, and we will complete a couple of basic rules of trade in the transfer market. Rule one says that you can buy players in the first season for money only if your club is grand.

If this is a middle peasant or an outsider from the minor league, then in the first six months it is generally better not to sign anyone, except to rent, because it is very easy to fly out of the budget, and as soon as you fly out of the budget, fly out of the chair.

The second rule is simple: translate the maximum of your budget into a salary, leaving for transfers … leaving nothing.

Salary money will go to the signatures of players whose contracts are ending. Such will begin to appear in the second season, in the winter transfer window. Before that, you should work with scouts.

Those should find dozens of good candidates, of which several will end up with expiring contracts.

Find the most expensive ones, it is not necessary to explore them to the end and offer them golden mountains, jelly banks, and Milk Rivers.

Everything, in order to drag a star into your provincial club. After that, if the star is too high in salary, sell it in the summer window and earn your first 10, 20, 30 million.

Then you will have harmony with the FIFA 18 Career Mode, and the pleasure of the game will be maximum.

So, above are the best tips for play FIFA 18 career mode. If you have any query please let us know win comments.

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