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Heroes of the Storm Tier List – Latest Update October 2019


Heroes of the storm

Heroes of the Storm all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, they are by no means all equally strong and some characters are better than others. We have here detailed heroes of the storm tier list.

The hero is not the same hero. Even though Blizzard, with its many updates and patches, makes every effort to make up for all heroes of the MOBA Heroes of the Storm, some heroes are stronger than others in the end.

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In Heroes of the Storm or HotS for short, you have the choice between the most diverse heroes, all of which bring their advantages and disadvantages in the MOBA.

Depending on the team composition and situation in the game, other heroes are recommended.


Info of the Game

Release Date: 02.06.2015

Platform: PC

Genre: MOBA

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Model: Free-to-play


Heroes of the Storm: All special features at a glance

  • Over 30 known heroes and villains from the Blizzard product worlds
  • Beginner-friendly MOBA with the same XP distribution
  • No item shop for heroes equipment – only your hero counts
  • Matches only last about 30 minutes
  • Currently seven maps each with unique game mechanics
  • Free2Play without restrictions
  • All Heroes can be purchased with either Play or Real Money
  • Free weekly hero rotation

Heroes of the Storm Tier List

Heroes of the Storm Tier List

The following are the heroes of the storm tier list. These are the categories S +, S, A +, A-, B +, B and C divided. While S + total contains exaggeratedly good characters, the C category is the current dregs of heroes, which in their current state are of little use.

  • Tier 1:  This category includes heroes who cannot be missed in any good team. They form the basis for success and are usually the right choice if you are indecisive.
  • Tier 2:  If the desired Tier 1 heroes are not available, you’re not wrong with Champions of this category. They are above average and an asset to every team.
  • Tier 3: In this pool, you will find the majority of heroes. They are well balanced and are a good alternative if heroes are not available in higher categories.
  • Tier 4: Heroes of this category require a lot of training and skill, and therefore only develop their potential if they fight with matching other heroes.
  • Tier 5: Right at the beginning, you should go around these heroes. They are rarely chosen and are still too weak, but this can change with upcoming patches.


Tier S+

Heroes in the S + tier are currently too good for this world. They are clearly favored by the current meta-gameplay and could soon be generated. Currently there is no hero in this category, a good sign.


Tier S –

Although Tier S heroes are not as OPs as their colleagues on Tier S +, they are clearly better than the rest of the game. Calculate so ever with a Nerf in the near future. Heroes like Diablo, Garrosh or Ninja Genji are currently found in this tier. All are great for surprising and devastating attacks.

·         Blaze
·         Diablo
·         Deckard
·         Garrosh
·         Genji
·         Malfurion
·         Sonya
·         Stukov
·         Tracer
·         Tychus


Tier A + – Always a good choice!

Tier A + is for heroes who are almost too good. But they should just be within the limits of fairness.

But in the right hands, they can clearly dominate. This tier currently contains many characters. Among them are, for example, healers like Alexstrasza but also the Zerg specialists Abathur and Zagara. Anub’arak makes a name for himself as an “anti-caster tank” and has breakfasted alone.


·         Fenix
·         Greymane
·         Guldan
·         Hanzo
·         Jaina
·         Junkrat
·         Li Ming
·         lunara
·         Lucio
·         Medivh
·         Maiev
·         Malthael
·         Muradin
·         Rehgar
·         Thrall
·         Tyrael
·         Zagara


Tier A – Fair and Good!

In Tier A, the ideal heroes of Heros of the Storm are represented. These characters are currently optimally balanced and easily playable in any team.

It speaks well for Blizzard’s good work that this list includes a large number of heroes. Assassins with extreme burst damage, like Alarak or Kael’, thas find a place here, but also solid healers like Kharazim or Funkelchen.


·         Alarak
·         Artanis
·         Auriel
·         Azmodan
·         Radio Moose
·         D.Va
·         Falstad
·         Illidan
·         Johanna
·         Kael’thas
·         Kerrigan
·         Kharazim
·         Leoric
·         Nova
·         Ragnaros
·         Rexxar
·         Stitches
·         Sylvanas
·         Valla
·         Varian
·         Uther
·         Xul
·         Zarya
·         Zeratul


Tier B – Not quite fresh but ok

Unfortunately, heroes on Tier B are out of shape. They are not up to par with the A-League, but with the right team, they are still worth something.

So if the teammates fit and you know how to play the heroes well, then you can confidently use them.

A typical B-hero is, for example, the Assassin Kel’Thuzad, who can only really perform after completing his quest.

The same goes for many other heroes, who only excel in the good quest progress of each talent – such as Tyrande, Tassadar or Nazeebo.

·         Ana
·         Cassia
·         Kel’Thuzad
·         Li Li
·         Lt. Morales
·         Nazeebo
·         Raynor
·         Samuro
·         Tassadar
·         Tyrande
·         Zul’Jin


Tier C – Only for lovers

While Tier B is still ok, the heroes in Tier C are really only worth something in the right team. But with the right support and without their counter-enemies, they are still strong and can play to their advantage at the right moment.

The big ogre Cho’Gall, for example, is very vulnerable to CC effects and can be riveted around too easily. Murky can easily be eliminated permanently and Gazlowe needs a lot of start-up time to shape the battlefield in his favor.


·         Chen
·         Cho’gall
·         Gazlowe
·         murky
·         Probius
·         Sgt. Hammer


Tier D – Nope!

Tier D contains all heroes who are too lousy in the current Meta to be a viable choice on the battlefield. Luckily, there are currently no heroes on this list.


Above is the Heroes of the Storm Tier List of October 2019. Please share your reviews of this list in the comments.

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