January 23, 2023

This is comprehensive instruction on how to use a PC to access a locked Android phone. This issue affects many individuals when they forget their phone’s lock screen password or when many unsuccessful attempts result in the screen locking permanently. This post will guide the reader through the process of unlocking an Android phone using a PC without any prior technical expertise. Now, let’s begin.

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Part 1: Unlocking Locked Android using Android Device Manager on a PC

Android Device Manager is the name of Google’s cloud-based service and security feature that is available on the majority of Android smartphones. Choose to Find My Device if you’re trying to figure out how to unlock an Android phone that has been locked on a computer.

Main traits: 

  • An Android phone may be quickly found, locked, and erased.
  • Google account and network required.
  • You must first activate location and Find My Device on Android.

Follow the recommended steps to use the Android device manager on your locked Android smartphone.

  1. Make sure Find My Device is enabled on your Android first. Access Settings > Location > Google. Click on security from among these choices, then drag the sliders for “Allow Remote Lock And Erase” and “Remotely Locate This Device.”
  2. Go to the Find My Device page after opening the browser.
  3. Select “Erase Device” from the menu. You may then alter the password or pattern on the locked Android phone by formatting it.


Part 2: Using Find My Mobile to Unlock Android Using a PC

Many individuals will consider Find My Mobile while considering how to unlock a phone using a computer on a Samsung device. Similar to Find My iPhone, it also aids in phone unlocking.

Exact characteristics:

  • Support only Samsung hardware.
  • Network and Samsung account required.
  • Before using it, turn on Samsung’s remote unlock feature.

Here’s how to use the “Find my mobile” function on a Samsung phone to unlock it.

  1. You must first visit the Samsung Find My Mobile website where you may log in with your Samsung sign-in information.
  2. After signing in, head to the Home screen, where you’ll notice a number of options, one of which is “Unlock.” Toggle this option on.
  3. To remove the screen lock, you must input the Samsung account password. You may quickly unlock your phone by entering the password for your Samsung account, eliminating the previous screen lock.
  4. A notification that lets you know that you successfully unlocked your smartphone will appear after a short while. Now that your phone has been unlocked, it is time to open it.

Part 3: Using the Android Debug Bridge to Unlock Android on a Computer

How can I use my PC’s USB port to access a locked Android phone? Next, you can select Android Debug Bridge as another option. Using a PC, you may use ADB, a client-server tool, to control your Android device and disable the lock screen.

Principal traits:

  • More technical and difficult
  • Before utilizing it, USB debugging must be enabled.

Use the Android Debug Bridge option to unlock your locked Android screen by following the steps.

  1. Use a USB cord to connect your phone to your PC.
  2. Depending on the model of your Android phone, download the Android Debug Bridge driver.
  3. Verify that USB debugging is turned on or that you have used your phone’s USB settings.
  4. Enter the following command: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key. Click Enter
  5. When you restart your phone, you’ll see that there is no lock screen and no password protection. Create a new passcode now, then restart your device.


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Part 4: How to Use 4uKey for Android to Unlock Locked Android Phone From PC

Using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to remove the Android lock screen is the safest and most dependable method. You (the Android phone user) may learn how to unlock any phone password using a computer, thanks to 4uKey for Android. Tenorshare Android Unlocker must first be downloaded and installed on your computer before you can proceed.

Important Product Features

  • Take away all security measures. Android has fingerprint and pattern locks, among others (It will erase the data of most Android phones except some early Samsung devices).
  • Aid in removing the screen lock on an outdated Samsung phone.
  • In a few simple steps, disable Samsung Google Verification.
  • The fastest and safest way to quickly unlock the Android screen

Let’s now look at some practical instructions for using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to unlock a locked Android device from a computer.

  1. When you launch the software, the Remove Screen Lock option will open. Use a USB to connect your gadget to the PC.
  2. Click Start to start after selecting the Remove Screen Lock option. To affirm To delete all data on the smartphone, select “Yes” when prompted to remove the lock screen password.
  3. To finish the removal procedure, go to recovery mode.
  4. Recheck the screen after a little while to see if the 4uKey has successfully unlocked the door on its own.

If you have an older Samsung handset, such as a Note 4, 4uKey can let you unlock it without wiping all your data. However, the data is typically erased if you use an Android device.

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You may easily follow the provided procedures now that you know how to unlock any password-protected phone after it has been locked using a PC. However, 4uKey for Android is the most reliable and practical way to open a locked Android phone from a PC.

Have you ever used any of these techniques previously, by the way? Which method from the list below do you prefer? Post a brief comment right now to tell us about your experiences.

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