January 29, 2023

Do you need to organize your files and documents better? It will always be simple to find out what you need if you organize relevant files into separate folders on your laptop or desktop. To improve the aesthetics, you may also alter the icon’s size. Here are a few fast ways to create a new folder in Windows 10. Once you master them, let’s find out how to password-protect a folder in Windows 10.

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Method 1: Use a keyboard shortcut to create a new folder.

The shortcut CTRL+Shift+N in Windows is the quickest way to make a new folder.
1. Start by finding the place where the folder should be created. In File Explorer, you may create a new folder anywhere on your hard drive or inside another one (forming a subfolder). Using this technique, you may easily make a new folder on your desktop.

2. Press and hold the Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously. Windows will add the new folder immediately away using the unimaginative recommended folder name “New folder.”

3. Type the name of the folder you want. This method creates new folders quickly, but you should start typing their names as soon as they appear because if you click on them or move away from File Explorer, their names will be “New folder” and you’ll have to rename them later.


You can use the keyboard to start your computer running Windows 10 here. 

Method 2: Right-click to create a new folder

In the event that you forget the keyboard shortcut or just choose to use the mouse:
1. Start by finding the place where the folder should be created.
2. Right-click a free area within the folder location. Be careful: If you right-click on an existing item in the folder, the menu will be incorrect.
3. From the contextual menu, choose Folder then New. The new folder will be created by Windows where it is now located.
4. Replace “New folder” with the name of the folder you want, then press Enter.
Using this approach, you may also create folders on the Desktop. Go to New > Folder by right-clicking on an empty area of the Desktop.

Method 3: Use the ribbon menu to create a new folder.

Using the New folder button in the File Explorer menu is an additional straightforward method for making a new folder.

Simply choose “New folder” from the Home tab and go to the desired location for the folder.

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Final Words: 

You may quickly and easily create a new folder using one of these three techniques, allowing you to start organizing your files right away.


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