January 24, 2023

Since esports became popular and platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook allowed people to stream at will, the popularity of streaming has increased dramatically. That’s why we’ve decided to create an article showcasing how to build a streaming PC.

You will learn all you need to know about establishing a streaming PC in the following instructions. In addition, we’ll outline the critical components of a streaming PC and explain why each component is essential for streaming purposes.

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The Value of Your Investment

The price range for a streaming PC may be divided into three categories: entry-level, mid-tier, and high-end.

It is possible to start streaming on a low budget if you want to do it but don’t want to take out a mortgage. However, it would be best if you first chose what games you plan to broadcast and how demanding they may be on the CPU, GPU, or both.


With an emphasis on gaming and streaming performance, this post is committed to providing you with helpful information to choose the best streaming PC setup.

With this streaming PC build, you won’t have to worry about running the most demanding games at their highest settings since it can handle everything. The hyper-threaded CPU and other powerful internal components make it easy to multitask at the highest level while ensuring a high-quality experience for you and your viewers.

Things To Consider

Streaming PC build vs. prebuilt streaming PC

Here, we always advise building your computer because it frequently results in cost savings and equips you with the knowledge needed to maintain and update your PC in the future. Like any other computer, a PC designed for gaming and streaming simultaneously tends to be highly high-end, sporting the newest CPU and GPU and more significant amounts of RAM and storage.

The truth is that a prebuilt streaming PC will cover the cost of the hardware and software (usually between $100 and $300 depending on the build price). To put it in perspective, the markup on a prebuilt can be almost as much as the cost of an entire component.


Although a prebuilt streaming PC will perform very well, building your computer may theoretically be done with a better CPU and GPU without paying extra money. This implies that you might receive even more value for your money, improve your gaming experience, and future-proof your investment for longer.

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A prebuilt offers the primary benefit of saving you the trouble. We recognize that not everyone has the knowledge or time to learn how to construct a computer, so the ease of a prebuilt makes a lot of sense. Naturally, there are many more advantages to purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC from a manufacturer. For example, it eliminates the hassle of searching for all the necessary suitable components and protects those components from deterioration throughout the building process.

You can return it to the manufacturer if something goes wrong with a prebuilt streaming PC. Additionally, providers will frequently upgrade your product for you if you feel the need, or at the very least, they’ll require you to give it to them so they may improve it. Manufacturers also provide warranties, typically for around a year, covering parts and labor. However, some businesses offer amazing guarantees, and you can always pay more for insurance to get a longer or lifetime warranty.

The most prominent manufacturers in the world don’t simply package a prebuilt for you; they often stress test the system to ensure all components are functional before shipment and that it functions as it should. Additionally, your system will come pre-installed with software, often Windows and drivers, so all you have to do is plug it in and start downloading games.

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Graphics Card 

A gamer’s closest buddy is their graphics card (GPU), which is even more true today as technology is moving toward games with high GPU demands. Nine times out of ten, upgrading your GPU is the greatest method to enhance your frame rates. Unfortunately, the GPU is the most expensive component of a system to repair or upgrade, making the task seem somewhat intimidating.

Because of this, we have chosen to incorporate cutting-edge technology into our build, giving it tremendous power for years to come. The GPU we selected will have no trouble playing AAA games at high or extreme settings.


Regarding gaming/streaming rigs, RAM or memory is a source of confusion. But generally speaking, the more, the merrier. Because multitasking and large workloads are essential to streaming and streamers, you will need some fast RAM to boost the rig’s performance.

For the Ryzen CPUs in particular, 3000Mhz+ RAM will significantly increase performance. Thus, it’s important to us that we include this.

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Storage Space

Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or browser, the value of storage space varies. Streamers typically need a sizable amount of storage since many will save the file after they finish streaming to edit the greatest moments from their session. When you save five hour-long streaming video each day, it doesn’t take long for 250 or 500 GB of storage space to be full.

Aside from capacity, load times are another crucial factor in storage. Because the newest SSD storage options significantly lengthen load times, we have fitted each setup with them. Nothing is more annoying for a streamer than having a large audience watch a loading screen. 


The case is last. Unless you’re expressly seeking for something that will be extremely quiet, many people will believe the case is a rather ordinary piece of equipment. 

Imagine yourself there in front of the camera, with a gnarly-looking construct humming softly behind you. We can see why the aesthetic appeal is important to streamers; they want to provide the ideal experience for their viewers, and one way to achieve that is to spend money on a stylish case that is pulsing with RGB.


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