January 22, 2023

A Prime Gaming membership is time-expired every month. You must re-subscribe whether you wish to support a different streamer or keep supporting the current one. Because of this, the only method to cancel Prime Gaming is to disconnect your Twitch and Amazon accounts. This article will explain how to Cancel A Prime Gaming Subscription on Twitch. 

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Advantages of having a Twitch Subscription

Twitch subscriptions provide advantages like ad-free watching, a stylish badge after your name, and special emotes that can be used throughout the platform. Additionally, you may give these emotes to a particular viewer in a community of gamers. 

Additionally, they come in three levels, the latter two of which are intended for those who want to give a streamer more money and have additional emotes and a distinctive badge. Streamers also receive due respect from sponsorships, esports tournaments, affiliate links, and advertisements. 

How to Cancel Prime Gaming Subscription on Twitch

You must cancel your Amazon Prime subscription through Amazon to terminate your Twitch Prime membership. This indicates none of the Prime benefits, such as quick shipping on Amazon deliveries. 

Go to this page on Amazon’s website and click “Manage Subscription” in the upper right corner to cancel your membership. The option to “End Membership” will appear. You won’t be charged anymore because this will terminate your Amazon Prime subscription.

How Can I Unlink Twitch From Amazon Prime?

You may also disconnect your Twitch account from Amazon Prime. Your membership to any streaming services for which you have a Prime Subscription will be canceled.

Step 1

Log in to Twitch and go to your profile image. From the drop-down menu, choose settings.

Step 2

Go to Settings and select the connections tab to enter Amazon. The disconnect button is to the right of Amazon. To disconnect your Twitch account from Amazon Prime, click disconnect.

Anytime you like, you may reconnect your Amazon and Twitch accounts.

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Can I change who my Prime Subscription is for?

You will need to wait a month before you can subscribe to someone new Prime Gaming on Twitch. You cannot “unsub” from one streamer and transfer your subscription to another before the month is over.

How Long Does A Prime Gaming Sub end?

Your Prime gaming subscription will continue for a month as you choose to subscribe to a streamer. You will receive all the benefits of a regular subscription for this month. A few days before your subscription expires, you may either resubscribe to the same streamer or wait and utilize your Prime subscription on a new one.

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Now you ought to be able to unlink your Twitch account from your Amazon Prime subscription easily. To utilize Prime subscriptions again, you can relink your accounts anytime. We hope that the information provided is useful to you. If you have any questions or problems, please comment below. We will try our best to assist you.

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