January 29, 2023

It might be challenging to determine which changes to your PC’s settings would enhance your gaming experience and which ones are time-consuming. You can take advantage of your computer by making the following modifications.

How to optimize your PC for gaming? It includes optimizing the hardware, software, and graphics card. 


 1. Should clean the laptop periodically.

Dust accumulation in hardware is one of the major causes of laptop performance. When used for a long time, dust accumulates, reducing the heat dissipation of the machine, and increasing the risk of burning components, especially the CPU and GPU because these two parts give off the most heat in the machine, thereby making your gaming performance is not as smooth as before.

Therefore, you should clean your laptop periodically (preferably every 6 months) and apply high-grade thermal paste to help the machine clean and dissipate heat well, this is one of the ways to make the laptop play games smoother. If you cannot clean your laptop at home, take it to the store to receive the best laptop care service.

2. Hardware upgrade: RAM, SSD

If you want your laptop to be able to fight “strongly” the hot online games today, the RAM and SSD need to be powerful enough to be able to handle it in the best way. If your current amount of RAM is not enough for the game, you should upgrade the RAM (best to 16GB), besides upgrading the SSD will also help optimize the gaming computer, making the performance better. 

You can refer how to increase pc performance here. 



1. Optimized for Windows:

If you already own a gaming laptop with stable hardware, the next thing you need to do is optimize Windows 10 to play games, including the following tasks:

– Update the latest drivers for laptops: It can be said that the GPU is the core of gaming. And the GPU requires the driver always to be the latest version to keep it working faster and better. Therefore, regularly checking and installing GPU drivers is always a top priority that you should do if you want to get the best game experience.

– Automatic update management: Automatic update management is one of the ways to optimize Windows 10 gaming effectively. Because Windows 10 will automatically update the operating system every time an update is available from Microsoft, it will schedule a reboot without the user’s permission and many other problems that affect while you play games. Therefore, if you are using Windows 10, turning off automatic operating system updates as playing games is essential.

– Turn off unnecessary services and effects: Before launching the game, you should turn off unnecessary applications to make your laptop smoother. Because there is a lot of software, sometimes it arbitrarily downloads and updates software to your computer, causing your PC to be slow during the game.

– Set up virtual RAM:

Virtual RAM is a cache memory that works in parallel with physical RAM, used when physical RAM has been used up to increase cache capacity. Virtual RAM capacity is changed from a part of the hard drive’s capacity, and Windows takes the hard drive as virtual RAM, which will help games that need more RAM to have more memory to continue to operate more stably.

You can learn more about how to install windows on PC here. 

2. Optimize Windows when playing games.

 – Enable Game Mode in Windows 10:

Game Mode is in the Xbox application available in Windows 10. When this mode is enabled, it will ensure that the operating system launches the game with the most optimal settings, typically allocating GPU and CPU usage or pausing or closing some unnecessary tasks to have a smoother game experience with a better background. 

Most gamers activate this mode because this is a very effective way to play games smoother on laptops. To activate Game Mode, after starting the game, press the key combination Windows + G => Setting. In the General tab tick the box “Use Game Mode for this game”.

– Install the latest DirectX version:

DirectX 12 is currently the latest version of the popular API tool for Microsoft. This is a way to make gaming laptops smoother on Windows 10 because it supports for multiple GPU and CPU cores, resulting in better frame rates, lower power consumption and enhanced graphics effects.

– Network speed test is a way to optimize your computer for better online gaming:

 To have the best online gaming moments, machine configuration, hardware and drivers are necessary conditions. And enough conditions must of course mention Internet speed.

Usually, when playing online games, you will encounter a “lag” case, which is a sign that the connection between the laptop and the router is slow. Through Windows Update, most of the wireless network card drivers on the laptop have been updated, but if the network is still lagging, try using a wired Ethernet port to connect the laptop to the router when playing games.

– Use full power mode when playing games:

 Windows will use low power mode to keep laptop performance at an average level. However, the best way to optimize your computer for gaming is to use full power mode on Windows 10.

 To turn on this mode, go to Settings => enter the keyword “power” => Select the result Power & sleep settings. Next, click on options—additional power settings.

The Power Options window will appear, just click High performance and try the experience.

NOTE: You should pin the laptop charge during the game to help the CPU and graphics card run at full capacity to keep the FPS level in the game always stable. 




It would be best if you also tweaked a few factors related to the machine’s graphics card.

1. Adjust 3D graphics settings

Most gaming laptops allow gamers to manage and tweak 3D settings through a graphics control panel. You can access the 3D settings on your AMD or NVIDIA laptop and customize them to improve gaming performance.

Usually, to access 3D graphics, on the main screen, right-click and select Graphics Properties (different computer manufacturers and video cards will have other access). In the Global Setting section, you can customize between Quality (quality) and Performance (performance).

+ If you choose performance: the machine will turn off most of the advanced settings, helping to improve speed to enhance gaming performance but reducing 3D graphics capabilities.

 + If you choose quality: 3D graphics will be improved, but performance will be reduced because the graphics card must run at maximum capacity, which may result in slower frame rates.

 It would be best if you chose customization over quality to ensure the game is smoother.

2. Adjust Texture and Shader settings:

You need to adjust your graphics card settings, especially if you need to run a specific game. The memory available on a laptop’s GPU also limits these options, so you should also consider the necessary settings for each of your games. In short, adjusting Texture at high resolution will consume a lot of RAM, affecting the frame rate.

You can also install Texture and Shader for each game. This is useful if an older game is likely to run at high settings.

 In addition, you can still adjust the video settings of each game in the video display settings. This process will take some time to find the optimal video settings for the game you want. However, once you have established a balance of performance quality, you will find that this is a very effective way to optimize your computer for gaming.

3. Add games to NVIDIA/AMD cards to optimize games:

Adding the game you want to play on a discrete graphics card is one of the ways to make your computer play games smoother. To add the game you do the following:

For NVIDIA cards:

At the desktop screen, right-click and select NVIDIA Control Panel => Manage 3D Setting => select the Program setting tab.

Click the “Add” button to select the game you want to run the discrete card for.

Click Add Selected Program or go to Select The Preferred…> High-Performance NVIDIA (if available).

For AMD cards:

At the desktop screen, right-click and select AMD Radeon Settings.

Click the “+” sign to add the game to the AMD card.

Choose the correct path of the game’s run file.

 The added game will appear in the settings pane. You do the same for other games.

If want to build a Gaming PC, you can read further information here. 

Final Words:

In short, in the article above we have guided you through some tips on optimizing Windows 10 for gaming, hardware-related issues as well as ways to play games smoother through settings for the graphics card. Hope you proceed successfully and have the best game experience.

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