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Magikarp Jump Guide –Tips to Master Pokémon

Magikarp Jump Guide

In this Magikarp Jump Guide, we are going to collect the best tips for Pokemon Magikarp. Pokemon launched Pokemon GO for mobile devices about a couple of years ago, and this is clearly a well-received mobile name with millions of downloads in the first 48 hours.

Everyone went out trying to find another amazing Pokemon and fighting with various gym leaders.

However, the true Pokemon GO ad has faded over time, and now only loyal players are still participating in the game.

The random ones really quickly left this ship because no one wanted to go out every day trying to catch the Pokemon.

Well, the Pokemon Company has again released another Pokemon game for Android and iOS devices, and this time you won’t even have to leave the sofa.


Magikarp Jump Guide – Getting Started

The all-new Pokemon Magikarp Jump is a mobile game that is similar to Monster Rancher.

Instead of focusing on the entire Pokemon universe, Magikarp Jump focuses on one Pokemon, Magikarp, and the spirit.

You find yourself in a completely new city where everyone is obsessed with these useless Magikarp and their splashing skills.

People do not want them to develop, because they are simply interested in the power of jumping Magikarp.

You train your Magikarp, increase his jumping power and compete with other Magikarp trainers in jumping battles. The one who jumps above all wins the match.

If you have already downloaded the game, then you know how everything works, because each game has simple instructions.

This is a simple game without any difficulties, probably intended for a younger audience.


Pokemon: Magicarp Jumping Tips and Tricks

Well, if you want to become the best Pokemon Magikarp trainer in the world, we have some useful tips for you.

These tips will help you get the most out of Pokemon: Magikarp Jump and will probably make the game less boring for you.


Become a Magicarp Master with this Magikarp Jump Guide

If you are just starting out with Pokemon: Magicarp Jump, then these tips and tricks will help make your entire jumping journey through Magikarp truly smooth.

The game has just been released, so there are still some hidden features that we have not yet revealed, but we will write about other features and tricks that we discover.


Upgrade your Training Equipment

In the bottom corner of the game, you will find a city. Here you can upgrade food and study items for your Magikarp.

First of all, you should update the Sandbag Slam training game. If you spend 17 coins on the Sandbag Slam training game, you will earn at least 115 JP every time you train.

This puts him on a par with the Jumping Counter training mode. This way, you don’t have to worry about which training mode you are getting because you will get the same JP from both modes.

This is definitely important when you are just starting the game, and it will help you grow your Magikarp quickly.


Use Training Points

You get 3 training points. These training points are replenished every 30 minutes. Therefore, you must use all your training points to train your Magikarp.

The fact is that when your trainer rank increases, all your training points are replenished as a reward.

So, if you have not used your training points before, you will not receive a reward, and this is a huge waste.

Therefore, always use all your training points before going to competitions with people in leagues.

Magikarp jump

Follow the Progress

The menu button in the upper right shows various options. Here you will find the Achievements that you have completed, and others that are not yet complete.

Always keep track of your achievements and, as soon as you complete the achievement, collect a reward for it.

Most achievements reward you with diamonds and gold coins. Complete all achievements and collect your rewards to get a decent increase in your inventory.


Careful with special events

At regular intervals, during the game, you will be given a choice in one of the few special encounters.

These meetings can occur during training or after your league match. You must be very careful when choosing in any of these meetings.

One of the options will allow you to safely leave the battle and return home, and the others – ask you to interact with a special event. The interaction can lead to huge rewards or very huge losses.

If you get a negative result, then most likely the game Magikarp will end. You can lose your Magikarp on Hungry Pidgeotto or by hooking in a pond, this will instantly remove your Magikarp.

So, if you have a very high level of Magikarp, we recommend that you avoid any special encounters in the game. You do not want your Magikarp turned into sushi?


Check individual bonus of your Magikarp

Each Magikarp that you catch in the game has its own unique bonuses that somehow help them. Some will have an additional increase in training, while others will have an increase in the total number of old coins earned, it varies for each Magikarp.

Therefore, pay close attention to the type of bonus your Magikarp has. Then you can combine it with some jewelry that also gives the same bonus as Magikarp and train it faster and stronger.


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Look out for a Pokémon guest

Always be on the lookout for new Pokémon floating in your pond. You will see various Pokémon floating in your pond, and touching these Pokémon will cause a special event.

Some will start a fever when you get an insane amount of food, while others will give you a huge boost in JP.

Therefore, always look for guests in your pond and tap them as soon as possible before they run away.


Always keep your pond decorated

When you first win the League of Friends, Mayor Karp will hand you one of his jewelry. These decorations provide a certain boost when placed in your pond, and also make your pond aesthetically pleasing.

You can also buy more jewelry at the Town store with your diamonds. Each piece of jewelry provides a specific bonus or boost to your Magikarp and helps it train better and faster.


Keep your Diamonds

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Pokémon Magikarp Jump. You can buy high-quality items with Diamonds, and these items will definitely help you in the game.

The best you can buy with Diamonds is friendship balls. This will provide your Magikarp with new Pokemon friends who will help you throughout the game.

You’ll get Pikachu for free first, as well as Piplup when you win the Quick League. However, other Pokemon buddies are available at the city’s store, and you will have to buy them with diamonds.

Therefore, always save your diamonds and do not spend them on low-quality items such as carbonated drinks, etc.

Pokemon friends are expensive, so you should save all your diamonds that you get to buy friends.

This Pokémon will help you improve your Magikarp training, and will also help during matches. So, prioritize and keep track of the costs of diamonds.


Check the store on a daily basis

Every time your trainer level rises, new food products and training modes will be available in the store.

Different levels of the trainer open different items in the store, so check the store regularly after leveling up, because your Magikarp will have great products and a training mode that will help increase his training and JP in the shortest possible time.


So, this is our Magikarp Jump Guide. Please share your reviews for this guide in the comments.

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