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Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats – Secret tips

Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats


Playing any computer game, users always want to get certain advantages that will allow them to be stronger than their rivals or faster to complete the task. Players using Mass Effect Andromeda cheats are no exception. This allows you to quickly accumulate game value, acquire resources and upgrade weapons.


Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats Sheet

There are two methods to take advantage of the additional benefits of the Mass Effect game:

  1. Download and install Mass Effect Andromeda cheats;
  2. Take advantage of bugs and defects of developers.

When installing cheats or a trainer, the user, during the game process, needs to press the necessary keys or console commands and thereby activate certain functions.

However, this approach to the gameplay is relevant only in the independent passage of missions.

If the user prefers to play the multiplayer version via the Internet, then installing Mass Effect Andromeda cheats can lead to a ban.

In order not to spoil your reputation in the game world, not to suffer from additional mods, but to get certain opportunities, it is enough to take advantage of the game’s bugs or the trick embedded in the game process. Performing the necessary actions in the game, you can:

  • Acquire rare weapons;
  • Improve armor;
  • Get extra credits, research and experience points or endless access to rare resources.

Any user can cope with the task, regardless of the level of the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda

On Credit

Economics is an important part of any game. For the game currency, the user acquires the necessary things, improves the character.

The gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda, is implemented in such a way that the character can receive money either for completing missions or reselling resources – bought cheaper, sold more expensive.

In order to get a discount on rare resources at a certain stage of the game, there is no need to enter codes in the console and install Mass Effect Andromeda cheats. To do this, you need to complete one side quest, which is available at the stage of opening the “Govorkov” system.

After the player has completed all the main missions and gained access to the system, he needs to do the following:

  1. Fly to Kadara;
  2. Move to the location – “slum”;
  3. Fo strictly west and find the Thrasia character – Frasia .

This character must issue a task – “Packaged Transaction.” After completing that, the player will receive a good discount in her store.

This will make it possible to acquire, for a low price, for example, titanium and sell it with good profit. Half an hour of such trade will significantly increase the budget.


For Rare Weapons or Armor

To acquire armor or weapons at the initial stage of the game, you can use one trick. To do this, you don’t have to enter different relict codes or use mods, but you just need to save the game at the right time.

During the game, even at the initial stage, when the character is at the Nexus station, the player should find a warehouse located near the store. There you can find an orange box in which various objects are located.

These items are randomly generated, each time different. Therefore, before opening this box, save the gameplay.

If there are cheap or useless things in the drawer, restart the game. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like until the items in the container suit you.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the game bug and empty the box endlessly (Figure 4). For this6

  1. Open the container;
  2. Take all the items, but leave anyone;
  3. Save the game;
  4. Restart the game.

After starting, the contents of the container will replenish again. The procedure can be repeated endlessly.

Please note that the container will become unavailable immediately after visiting EOS. We recommend updating all drivers before starting the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats Sheet

Infinite Experience Points

To get unlimited experience for research, you will need:

  • Container for research data;
  • Unclaimed loot boxes. They will be used to create these very boxes.

If there are no containers, complete at least one mission where the reward is this resource.

Select the loot box below the box. After opening the window, scroll to the top of the menu to select a container.

As a result, the loot will disappear, and in return, the player will receive a data box. Repeat this manipulation in the game as many times as you like. Also, for the correct operation of the game, you need to update DirectX.

Infinite Resources

To get the opportunity to acquire rare resources, in large volumes, you also do not need to install mods. To do this, do the following:

  1. Will go to any point where there are many merchants (Figure 5);
  2. Acquire the necessary resources;
  3. Save the game and exit.

With a new start of the game, sellers replenish resources and you can buy them again. So with the help of the save game function, they get a lot of points for crafting.


Infinite Research Points

To earn a large amount of experience, unlock the missions on the planet Voeld. The following should be done:

  1. Complete missions: “At the forefront” and “Scene of salvation”;
  2. Talk with a character named Buksil and start the task – “Removing the heart”;
  3. During the game, you must wear a protective suit for space. The spacesuit not only saves from radiation but also gives 25% of the experience;
  4. Find the Kett base and destroy all opponents;
  5. Return to the bridge that led to the Kett base. There are boxes on the ramp, go past the first of them and at that moment will make an explosion with the notice that: “the matrix is ​​destroyed” and more than 500 experience will be credited;
  6. Return to the first box and back, until you receive the next notification.

Moving from the place of teleportation to the boxes and back, each time you can earn more than 500 points. Repeat the process until you get the necessary amount of experience.


Instructions on how to use the console

When downloading and installing a pirated version of the game, it often turns out that the console does not open (Figure 6). To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the game folder;
  2. Find and open the file, which is located: My Documents \ BioWare \ Mass Effect \ Config \ BIOInput .ini;
  3. Below the entry is [Engine.Console];
  4. Type – ConsoleKey = and the key to call. If you want the console in multiplayer to open by pressing the “~” or “ё” keys in Cyrillic, type in Tilde. If not, specify another key, for example, Tab.

After that, press Enter to add an empty line and close the file with saving. If the console is not called up again using the given key, try using another one.

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