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Nier Automata Best Weapons – Fully Upgraded

Nier Automata best weapons

There are 4 types of Nier Automata best weapons, with a good balance between power and attack speed. Large swords are slow, but not as powerful.

Samurai has an attack speed and power that is halfway but has excellent range, and fighting has a very narrow range because of its high attack speed.

Each weapon has its own characteristics, but if you are unsure of your choice of weapons, you should basically use a small sword.

In addition to the small gap and attack speed, the range is also reasonable, so the ease of use is the best compared to other weapons.

Basically, when setting weapons, it is easy to use a combination of a small sword or melee for a weak attack weapon and a large sword or eagle for a strong attack weapon.

It is fun to use any weapon, but among them, there are the most powerful weapons with high attack power and excellent skills. This time, we will introduce the Nier Automata best weapons by type among many weapons.


Comparison at level 4

There is no clear strongest weapon in Nier. Excellent weapons were selected based on the level 4 attack power and special abilities of each weapon.

However, since the points to be emphasized differ depending on the player, please refer to it as one opinion only.


Find Nier Automata Best Weapons

Effective weapons vary depending on the play style and situation of each player. Try it out and find your strongest weapon.


Use high-level weapons in the beginning

It is the weapon level that makes the most difference in weapon performance in the early stages. Use high-level weapons rather than comparing attacks and special abilities.

A story capture is possible even with the white contract of the initial equipment and the white contract that can be obtained immediately in the early stage. If you are not particular about it, proceed without worrying about weapons.


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Nier Automata Best Weapons

  • Small sword
  • Large sword
  • Spear
  • Fighting


Small Sword


A small sword is an easy-to-use weapon equipped with 2B and 9S from the beginning. Isn’t it the most enjoyable weapon type to use in this work that you can enjoy exhilarating action just by pressing a button?

The initial white contract and black pledge can be cleared to the end, but you want to use the strongest weapon anyway.


Type 3 tactical sword

Type 3 tactical sword is attractive because it has a very high attack power at Lv4 of 494 ~ 836Although the swing is large, the number 836 is the highest of all small swords.

A powerful weapon with skills that explode when attacking by strengthening to the maximum level.


Beast sword

Hundred beast swords are attractive in that they can be obtained in the early stages and have a small swing.

Once you have enough money, you can buy it immediately in the Resistance Camp. At the maximum level, you will acquire the skill that demonstrates the attack effect of 100 beasts with a high attack power of 722 ~ 798.

Lv power Location / Reinforcement Material
Lv1 190 ~ 210 Purchase from Resistance Camp Shop
Lv2 342-378 Copper ore × 5, stretched coil × 3, pyrite × 5
Lv3 532-588 Iron Ore x4, Silver Ore x3, Polished Screw x3, Meteorite Fragment x1
Lv4 722 ~ 798 Shape memory alloy × 2, small gear × 5, large gear × 3, machine life form arm × 2, meteolite × 1


Iron pipe

It is a weapon that can be obtained by fishing in the sewer toward the amusement park ruins.

Don’t be stuck with a material weapon, but if you strengthen it to the maximum level, it will have the same attack power as a Type 3 tactical sword.

The swing is too large, but he has competent skills such as critical + and high probability stun.


Ancient king

The skill “Enemy Blast” is very good. By attacking enemy bullets, surrounding bullets can be eliminated at the same time. You can reduce the impact by just shaking it properly, and the status is balanced.


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White contract

As can be said for other weapons in the “white” series, it has the top-class performance in spite of its initial equipment.

Skill “white blessing” can demonstrate high firepower if it can continue to be activated successfully with the effect of increasing attack power when HP is maximum.

In addition, HP maintenance itself can be easily achieved with chips, etc.

In addition, if it reaches a high level of difficulty, there is a possibility that the game will be over with a single blow, so you can benefit from skills almost always


Large sword


Large swords are slow to swing, but they are very powerful and can do a lot of damage.2B and A2 are equipped as two types of weapons and can be attacked in combination.


Iron ingot

When it grows up to the final strengthening, it demonstrates the top-class attack power of all weapons.

In addition, attack power grows greatly even if it is strengthened only once, so it is very efficient.

Although it has a small number of weak combos, it has a special ability structure and overwhelming attack power.



Offensive power 950-1520
combo Weak 3 Strong 3
Special effects (Lv2) Endurance value UP

Increases player defense

Special effects (Lv4) Iron intention

Even if you are attacked by an enemy

Type 3 slasher

Like the Type 3 tactical sword, it can be purchased when the Depol and Popol shops are opened.

Overall, the three types of series have a high attack power, and this weapon is also strengthened to become attack power 1064-1368. Of course, skills that explode when attacking are also included.



Offensive power 1064-1368
Combo Weak 4 Strong 3
Special effects (Lv2) Endurance value UP

Increases player defense

Special effects (Lv4) loading

Melee attack combo final blow explodes


Phoenix big sword

By strengthening to the maximum, it has an interesting effect of rarely recovering HP when attacking an enemy.

The attack power is modest, 1026 ~ 1292, but it also comes with skills to increase the attack speed and is a large sword that is easy to use.


Phoenix bird cage

A spear boasting top-class performance in the strongest phoenix series of the previous work.

Unfortunately, this work has received a downward revision, but it boasts stable performance in the cage.


The thief’s trap

The thief’s trap can be obtained by completing the subquest “Sand Legacy”. The attack power at the time of maximum strengthening is 836 ~ 1026, which is the second-highest after Type 3 Tactical Trap.

It comes with an interesting skill that enemies become subordinate with a certain probability when hit.



Nier Automata best weapons

A spear is a weapon that is good at straight-line attacks. Because it is easy to use quickly and swings, it will play an important role in combination with other weapons.


Type 3 Tactical Trap

As the name suggests, the Type 3 Tactical Trap is a Type 3 series, but cannot be purchased from the Depol and Popol shops.

It is in a treasure chest with a lock on a sunken building in a submerged city, making it a little harder to obtain. Of course, it has high attack power and explosive skills, making it a powerful weapon.




A weapon that can be attacked with speed and speed. If it is a single enemy, it is a weapon that boasts unparalleled strength.


Devil’s fang

Devil’s tusks are the most aggressive weapons in combat. Thanks to the skill of generating shock waves when defeated by an enemy, you can attack with confidence even if you are surrounded. Don’t forget to get the 9S route.


Devil’s fang performance

Offensive power 380-684
Combo Weak 8 Strong 3
Special effects (Lv2) Attack speed up

Increases attack speed

Special effects (Lv4) Devil hatred

A shock wave occurs when defeating an enemy

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