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Roblox Promo Codes of January 2020

Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox is an unusual and rather fascinating platform for creating your own mini-games, where each visitor in an unobtrusive and greatly simplified form can try himself in the role of a game programmer. The platform involves the use of codes and Roblox promo codes that could facilitate the performance of some tasks, but not all of them are actually working, and some are even literally harmful.


Roblox Promo Codes List

  • Happycamper

For getting “Dustin’s Camp”

  • Retrocruiser

For getting “Mike’s Bike”

  • Feeding Time

For getting “Flayed Rats Item”

  • Starcourtmallstyle

For getting “Eleven’s Mall Outfit”

  • Target2018

For getting the hat

  • !Happy12birthdayroblox!

For getting “12th Birthday Cake Hat”

  • Jurassicworld

For getting “Jurassic World Sunglasses”

  • Findthekeys

For getting “Helmet”

  • Onemillionclub!

For getting “Red Dino hat”

  • Goldenheadphones2017

For getting “24k Gold Headphones”

  • Robloxrocks500k

For getting “glass”

  • Spidermanonroblox

For getting “Vulture Mask”

  • Weareroblox300!

For getting “Visor of the Blue Bird”

  • Cool4summer

For getting “150K Summer Shades”

  • Kcaslime

For getting “KCA Slime Wings”

  • Mlgrdc

For getting “Next Level MLG Headphones”

  • Keepit100

For getting “Next Level Future Visor”

  • Hotelt2

For getting “Transylvanian Cape shirt”

  • Roadto100kay

For getting “Bloxikin”

  • Tweetroblox

For getting “Twitter bird”

  • Headphones2

For getting “Blue Headphones”

  • 75kswoop

For getting “75K Super Swoop”

  • Sxsw2015

For getting “Southwest”

  • Spac Estyle

For getting “50k Space Hawk”


What do codes and promotional codes give?

A typical promotional code for the platform is an alphanumeric set, although it can also consist of meaningful words or phrases.

The introduction of promotional codes allows you to get various bonuses, from robaxes (coins) to specific items.

Each promo code is valid only once, and its validity period is usually limited, so when you learn a new combination, you must use it immediately.

Unlike promotional codes, a code is just a way to get some hidden features from the platform, it consists of only numbers.

As a rule, the code does not have any validity period and is always relevant; all experienced users know it.


How to get Roblox promo codes

Most often, the Roblox promo codes are published by the official channel of the platform’s developers – all of them are temporary, but they are completely official, that is, they work for free, and there is no deception here, just supporting the resource fuels interest in your platform in this way.

As often happens, you can get a promotional code by participating in a particular promotion or by purchasing a certain service.

One of the most popular ways is to regularly watch Twitch streams, where top players or developers themselves can “give away” a promotional code by voicing it or writing it live.

Unlike the official code, this one is not only limited in time of use, but is usually one-time only – you need to not just enter it urgently, but get ahead of all other viewers.

In the United States, Roblox promo codes also appear on the packaging of some toys.
No matter how you get the promotional code, you need to enter it on a special page on the official Roblox website.

At the same time, you need to be vigilant – third-party sites often offer to buy a promotional code for money by exchanging real rubles for robaxes at a better price than it would be officially. Do not be fooled – almost always it is a hoax.

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How to turn on music codes?

In Roblox, it is possible to use boomboxes for the intended purpose, playing your favorite songs.

Moreover, they are appropriate for all objects where music can theoretically be played, whether it is a smartphone, player, and so on. First, you need to click on a musical object, and then on any free place – an input window will appear, where we enter the number code of the song. Stay tuned – codes are updated, new tracks appear.


How to make a cool graffiti code?

By analogy with your favorite tracks in Roblox, you can draw advanced drawings using codes.

The principle of operation is similar to working with a boombox: among the inventory, you need to find a spray can with paint and select it, and then click on an empty spot on the screen. In the window that opens, enter the digital code corresponding to the picture, and place the image on any surface.


How to change clothes using codes?

It is not possible to change clothes in all Roblox games, but if such an opportunity is present, the codes will come in handy for changing the image.

As a rule, for this, you need to find three mannequins that are responsible for accessories, outer and lower clothes.

Further, the actions resemble those described above: you must first click on the mannequin, and then on free space, and then enter the code for a specific item of clothing in the window that appears.

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