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Skyrim Standing Stones – Perfect Location Guide

Skyrim Standing Stones

Skyrim Standing stones – magic stones which can be found in different parts of Skyrim. In total there are 13 Skyrim standing stones corresponding to a certain constellation.

Each of the Skyrim standing stones can give some effect, and only one can be used at a time. However, at any time you can change the effect by activating another magic stone.

Guardian stones are the first of a group of magic stones that you can meet in the game. There will be three of them: Stone of the Magician, Stone of the Thief and Stone of the Warrior.

They will be located near the exit of their cave at the very beginning of the game scenario. Your companion will tell you to activate one of them at will.

In 2011, the light saw the next continuation of the mega-popular game “The Elder Scrolls”, and the fifth part was called “Skyrim”. The game takes place in an already familiar universe, 200 years after the events of the fourth part.

The game world is huge, vibrant and varied, the characters in it move around locations, go about their business. If you describe all the events that occur in the game, you get a full-fledged book series.


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1.      Disciple’s Stone the apprentice stone

Location: On an island in a swamp, north of Fort Snookhok, west/northwest of Morphal.

Effect: Magic Regeneration + 100%, Magic Vulnerability + 100%

The Apprentice’s Sign doubles your magical energy supply and its recovery speed but makes you twice as susceptible to spells.


2.      The Atronach stone

Location: South of Windhelm, in the southern part of the hot spring zone, north of the Mist Gate.

Effect: Magic +50 points, Spell Absorption 50%, 50% slower magic regeneration.

The Atronach sign allows you to absorb some of the magical energy from the spells of the enemy and gives you a larger supply but slows its recovery.


3.      The lady stone

Location: In a lake, on an island north of Folkrit.

Effect: 25% faster health regeneration, Stamina regeneration 25% faster.

The Lady Sign allows you to restore health and stamina faster.


4.      The lord stone

Location: East of Morfala, next to the Sanctuary of Merunes Dagon.

Effect: Armor Class +50, Magic Resist 25%.

Those under the sign of the Lord are more resistant to both magic and physical damage.

Stone Lord is on top of a stone platform with the remains of a large arch on either side of it. The road to it will pass by the Sanctuary of Merunes Dagon.

It will begin from the Hall of the Watch and will go west. Along the road there are several stone road pillars indicating the route of the traveler; some of them will have the remains of banners flapping in the wind. Moving along it, you will pass by DG Night Void Crypts; as soon as you reach the stone steps carved in the mountain that leads to the Sanctuary of Merunes Dagon, you need to face the northeast and near the mountain, you will see the Lord’s Stone standing.

Lord Stone is home to a group of three bandits, one of which will be an archer.

In front of the Lord’s Stone pedestal, a bonfire will burn, near which you will find three sleeping places in the form of folded mattresses.

Also, in the southwestern corner of the foundation of the stone structure, there is a corundum ore vein. The road passing near the sanctuary is home to a level animal, usually the Ice Troll.


5.      The lover stone

Location: East of Markarth, north of the Kolskeggr Mine.

Effect: Learn all skills 15% faster.

The Sign of the Lover allows you to learn all the skills a little faster, but not as fast as the signs of the Thief, Warrior or Mage.


6.      The mage stone

Location: Southwest of Riverwood, one of the Guardian Stones.

Effect: 20% faster magical skills training.

Mark of the Mage allows you to learn magic skills faster.


7.      The ritual stone

Location: East of Whiterun.

Effect: Raise all the dead once a day so they fight for you.

Once a day, the sign of the Ritual allows you to temporarily resurrect nearby corpses so that they protect you.


8.      The serpent stone

Location: East of Winterhold, on an island.

Effect: 5-sec target paralysis and 25 point health damage.

The Serpent Sign allows you to paralyze and poison a target once a day.


9.      Shadow Stone

Location: South of Riften, next to the Nightingale Hall.

Effect: Invisibility for 60 seconds once a day.

The Shadow Sign allows you to apply invisibility once a day.


10.    Horse Stone

Location: Northwest of Solitude, next to the Iron Shelter.

Effect: Wearing armor does not affect speed, Weight +100, Equipment / Clothing Weightless.

The Horse sign allows you to carry more items, and the armor will not affect your speed.


11.    Thief Stone

Location: Southwest of Riverwood, one of the Guardian Stones.

Effect: Stealth training 20% ​​faster.

The Thief Sign allows you to learn stealth skills faster.


12.    The Tower stone

Location: Between Dunstar and Winterhold.

Effect: Opens any lock of Expert level or lower once a day.

Once a day, the Tower sign allows you to automatically open an Expert lock or lower.


13.    Warrior Stone

Location: Southwest of Riverwood, one of the Guardian Stones.

Effect: Combat skills training 20% ​​faster.

Warrior Mark allows you to learn combat skills faster.

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If you activate any stone and immediately move to another location, and then return back, the stone will burn until any other stone is activated.

The activated stone has a glow effect of about 10 seconds, so you can immediately highlight all three Skyrim standing stones located near Riverwood and located next to it: Warrior, Thief and Mage Stone.

It will still not work to get talents from several stones at the same time, but you can use the highlighted stones as landmarks or beacons in conditions of poor visibility or at night.

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